Our people

At AMA Victoria, our team is comprised of individuals who are not just skilled and knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about the healthcare sector. We are approachable, down to earth, driven, and initiative-taking and consistently demonstrating a forward-thinking mindset that aligns with our dynamic values.

We are strong advocates for doctors and patients, always ready to engage in brave, honest conversations and respectful collaboration.  Embodying a spirit of continual improvement, we welcome diverse perspectives and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

In essence, our team is a blend of dedicated and compassionate professionals with different strengths and perspectives, striving to support our members and highly motivated to help create a better health system for all Victorians. 

Our Board

Comprised of members elected by the AMA Victoria Council, the AMA Victoria Board is integral to our organization's governance and strategic direction. Meeting eight times a year, the Board is dedicated to ensuring exemplary governance, maintaining the highest standards and aligning with our core values. With a focus on strategic oversight, the Board is responsible for setting the course for AMA Victoria, guiding us towards our strategic goals. Their role involves thoughtful stewardship and a commitment to the long-term success of AMA Victoria, reflecting our dedication to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our operation.

Dr Jill Tomlinson

Dr Simon Judkins
Vice President

Dr Enis Kocak
Chair, Audit Risk and Compliance Committee



Dr Alice Mizrahi
Board member

Dr Geoff Toogood
Board member

Dr Gavin Wayne
Board member


Dr Desiree Yap
Board member


Our executive team

The Executive Team at AMA Victoria is the driving force behind our day-to-day operations and strategic implementation. Composed of highly skilled professionals, each member brings their expertise to effectively translate the Board's vision and strategic direction into actionable plans. They are responsible for overseeing the various departments within AMA Victoria, ensuring seamless coordination and operational excellence. This dedicated team works tirelessly to support our members, advocate for the medical profession, and enhance healthcare delivery across Victoria. Their collaborative efforts and innovative leadership are pivotal in actualizing AMA Victoria's mission and purpose, embodying our commitment to continual improvement and respectful, dynamic teamwork.

Steven Burrell
Chief Executive Officer

Eva Roden
Chief Operating Officer


Peter Goffin
General Counsel / Company Secretary



Taryn Sheehy
Communications and Advocacy Director
Grant Forsyth
Workplace Relations Director
Mardi O'Keefe
Professional Development and Careers Director

Member forums

AMA Victoria members have a unique opportunity to actively shape public health policy, influence doctors’ working conditions and improve the quality of patient care. This work is undertaken through subdivisions, interest groups, government advisory groups, consultations and media and events.