AMA Victoria

Terms and Conditions


Australian Medical Association (Victoria) Limited (AMA Victoria) is a company limited by guarantee and each member is required to provide a guarantee of $2 if the company is wound up. 

All members are bound by AMA Victoria’s Constitution (our Constitution), Regulations and By-Laws. Click here to view our Constitution. The other documents are available on request from the Company Secretary. 

These Terms and Conditions of Membership (these Terms and Conditions) govern your membership of AMA Victoria and include a summary of relevant provisions in the Constitution. Where there is any inconsistency between the Constitution and these Terms and Conditions, the Constitution will prevail.

In these Terms and Conditions, we, us or our is a reference to AMA Victoria and memberyou or your is a reference to a member or prospective member of AMA Victoria.

Eligibility for Membership 

To be eligible to become a member, you must:

  • Ordinarily reside in Victoria; and be
  • A registered medical practitioner engaged in practice in Victoria (Victorian practitioner); or
  • A retired medical practitioner who was at the time of retirement, a Victorian practitioner, or
  • A registered doctor in training employed in Victoria, or
  • A registered medical student principally associated with a Victorian campus of a University Medical School, or
  • Elected as an honorary member by the Board of AMA Victoria. 

Registered means registered under the legislation regulating the registration of medical practitioners and medical students in Victoria and registration has a corresponding meaning. Registration Authority means a body empowered under that legislation to register, suspend or deregister medical practitioners and medical students. 

Becoming a Member and Classes of Membership

To become a member, you need to complete and submit an Application for Membership available here. The Board or its delegate will then assess your Application and decide whether to admit you as a member, based on criteria in the Constitution. Admission is subject to payment of the membership subscription by the due date.  

Your eligibility criteria determines your class of membership. Membership subscription and voting rights vary according to class. Ordinary members have voting rights but Associate members may not. Ordinary membership gives you automatic membership of AMA National. 

If the relevant category of your membership is part time, or you are eligible for a discount on your membership (either ongoing or for a particular period), we will require reasonable proof of your part time employment or your eligibility for a discount and if applicable, the period of the discount, as the case may be to finalise your membership application. This could be a payslip or a statutory declaration. We will tell you what proof we need at the time that you apply for the membership.

As an additional benefit to certain members employed by public hospitals, AMA Victoria membership also gives you membership of Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF) with which AMA Victoria has a conjoint membership arrangement. ASMOF is the principal federally registered union representing medical officers in public hospitals. Under this arrangement, membership is provided without further subscription cost to Medical Officers working in an employee capacity (as determined by answers in your application for membership) who are financial members of AMA Victoria. As with all registered unions, as an ASMOF member you may become liable for levies, outstanding fees and fines in accordance with its rules. Click here to read about ASMOF membership and the ASMOF rules. Other AMA members may (if eligible) join ASMOF by contacting the union at the above address. However they may be required to pay a subscription fee.

Member Services and Benefits and Pre-existing Issues or Disputes

Access to AMA Victoria member services and benefits, including pre-existing workplace issues or disputes, is governed by our Benefits and Services Access Policy. In particular, you should note that you are not entitled to access Member Workplace Services (as defined in the Policy) in relation to a workplace issue or dispute which existed prior to the date you joinClick here to read the full Policy. The Policy forms part of these Terms and Conditions and may be varied in the same manner.

Member Subscription 

Members pay a subscription on a monthly basis from the time they join, except as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions. Upon joining, members are charged for 3 months upfront. This amount is non-refundable. A member may pay 12 monthly subscriptions in advance, in one amount, if they choose. By continuing to be a member of AMA Victoria on a monthly plan, members agree to pay the applicable monthly membership fee on the anniversary date beginning from the fourth month.

Your membership continues on an ongoing basis and AMA Victoria will deduct payment from your nominated payment method automatically each month. 

Click here to read our Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.

Member Conduct

AMA Victoria has adopted, and all members are therefore bound by, the Code of Ethics of Australian Medical Association Limited (AMA National) as varied from time to time (Code of Ethics). Click here to view the current Code of Ethics. In particular, the Code of Ethics obliges members to ‘treat your colleagues with respect and dignity’. By becoming a member, you agree to treat not only other members, but also AMA Victoria staff, with respect and dignity at all times. If you do not, we will refer your conduct to the Board as conduct which is derogatory to, or not in the best interests, of AMA Victoria, for the Board to take action to suspend or cease your membership, following the process in the Constitution.

Cessation and Suspension of Membership

Unless we agree otherwise, if you do not pay your membership subscription by the date we specify that your subscription is overdue, your membership will cease. If we agree to accept late payment of your relevant subscription and any arrears, we may reinstate your membership but your membership tenure will revert back to new member.  

Your membership will also cease if:

  • You cease to satisfy any of the requirements for eligibility for membership. 
  • You resign as a member by giving us at least 30 days’ notice in writing. For clarity, the scheduled monthly membership fee deduction that falls within the 30-day notice period is still payable. All services will cease at the end of the notice period. If you have paid your relevant subscription in one amount and you cancel your membership prior to the end of that period you are entitled to a refund for the remaining portion of that period. If you wish to resign from membership of ASMOF you must write to the Secretary, ASMOF Victorian Branch, c/o 293 Royal Parade Parkville, 3052.
  • Your registration is cancelled or you cease to be registered as a medical practitioner or medical student, as the case may be.
  • Following the process set out the Constitution, your membership is terminated for conduct which is derogatory to AMA Victoria, the medical profession or the Registration Authority, which is not in the best interests of AMA Victoria or which has caused damage to AMA Victoria.

If your membership ceases, you will no longer be entitled to any member benefits or services. If your registration as a medical practitioner or medical student is suspended by the Registration Authority, your membership will be suspended for the period of that suspension.

Changes to Membership Terms and Conditions

We may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time in any manner not inconsistent with the Constitution. You agree to these Terms and Conditions as varied as soon as we publish them on our website and you make the next payment of your membership subscription.  


We collect, store, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and our Privacy Policy. By submitting an Application for Membership, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy. Click here to read it.