AMA Victoria Council


AMA Victoria is guided by a council of members that includes Victorian subdivisions, AMA Fellows, affiliated organisations and independent members. The AMA Victoria Council is a forum for doctors to discuss issues affecting the community, their patients or the profession.

Council Meetings

Council Meetings take place in the Council Room at AMA House, 293 Royal Parade, Parkville and commence at 6.45pm unless otherwise notified. Meetings are preceded by a Buffet Dinner commencing at 6.00pm.

The Annual Election Meeting of Council is held in May each year, and is followed by the Annual General Meeting, to which Councillors are invited in their capacity as ordinary members of the company.

Attendance at Council Meetings

All Councillors will receive a form with their agenda papers for each meeting which should be faxed back to AMA Victoria to indicate attendance or apology.

Councillors who are unable to attend a meeting are encouraged to arrange for an alternate representative of their organisation to attend in their place, or they may nominate another Councillor as a proxy.

AMA Victoria members can attend Council meetings as observers. Contact


To become affiliated with AMA Victoria an organisation must have a minimum of 40 Victorian AMA members. Affiliated organisations can nominate a representative to AMA Victoria Council.

There are two types of organisations or groups which (as defined in the Constitution of AMA Victoria) qualify for status as an affiliated organisation.

Academic Affiliated Organisations (AAO)
A Medical College, Learned Society or like body (or as a Victorian branch, division or chapter of a national body) or University Medical School.

Professional Affiliated Organisations (PAO)
A group of medical practitioners existing primarily for medico-political purposes, either because of their affinity as a particular group of general practitioners or specialists, or because their style of work or location calls upon them to continue their endeavours as an interest group e.g. Australian Association of Surgeons, Divisions of General Practice or Hospital Senior Medical Staff Associations.

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