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Doctors-in-Training Subdivision Positions

President/Federal AMA Council of DiTs (AMACDT) AMA Victoria Representative/IR Alternate

The role as President, sets the Agenda for 11 monthly Subdivision meetings, primary liaison between DiT Subdivision and the President and Board of AMA Victoria and AMA Victoria Secretariat, delegate to annual AMA National Conference, attends AMA Victoria Council and acts as spokesperson for DiT subdivision at various engagements and with media. They also act as a liaison with the representatives of portfolios and the facilitation of portfolio activities with AMA Victoria and external bodies.

Meets: The second Wednesday of each month excluding January.

The role as AMACDT Representative assists Federal AMA to set Policy and effectively lobby on issues as varied as workforce management, Learned College and Medical School activities and Federal Government agendas affecting DiTs.  It ensures Victorian DiT interests are represented at the national level and potentially enables participation on Federal AMA or Federal Government Committees (including involvement as Federal delegate to annual AMA National Conference).

Meets: Quarterly over a weekend, twice in Canberra and in two other capitals plus teleconferences as required.


Vice President/ Federal AMA Council of DiTs (AMACDT) AMA Victoria Alternate/IR Alternate

Supports the DiT President and assumes the DiT President's functions as required.


AMA Victoria Council (DIT Representative)

Holds DiT member voting rights for AMA Victoria Board and President, has power to move Resolutions and vote on behalf of DiT Subdivision.  Currently represents DiT on the Council Agenda Committee (council elected position) with responsibility for setting the Agenda of AMA Council meetings.


Treasurer/Sponsorship Representative

The role as Treasurer will be the primary liaison with Secretariat regarding funds available to the DiT Subdivision. Responsibilities will include preparation of event submissions to AMA Secretariat and liaising with Secretariat to allocate funds as needed.

In their role as Sponsorship Representative, they will liaise with Secretariat regarding existing sponsors to AMA Victoria and will aim to find new sponsors exclusive to the DiT Subdivision, developing a relationship and ensuring they do not conflict with already existing sponsorship contracts.

AMA Victoria Preferred Suppliers