Early career doctors

Early career doctors

As an early career doctor, you represent the future of the profession and are the leaders of tomorrow. AMA Victoria as your professional association and career partner wish to invest in your development so you excel and realise your professional potential – whatever the pathway you have chosen. 

Member events

Access specific education sessions, career coaching programs and events through your AMA Victoria membership.

Browse our early career doctor event calendar for more details.

Program overview
'Build your professional brand' Friday 17 June 2022
'Stand out: resume writing' Tuesday 21 June 2022
'Love your cover letter' Wednesday 29 June 2022
'Nail your interview' Friday 8 July 2022
'Career planning and decision making to achieve your potential' Monday 1 August 2022
'Effective leadership fundamentals' Thursday 1 September 2022

How we can assist you further

We proudly connect and support our members, providing a unified voice to advocate for Victorian doctors and the health of all Victorians. AMA Victoria members have the unique opportunity to participate in advocacy to government and drive positive change across the state’s health system. You can read our latest advocacy work here.

As a member of AMA Victoria, you are supported by a team of workplace relations advisors, who can help you at any time to understand your employment contract, ensure you are receiving your correct entitlements, know your workplace rights and provide representation when required.

Our wellbeing programs offer support, helping you maintain your health and wellbeing as an early career doctor. 

Our career solutions are medically specific and are delivered by highly experienced and internationally accredited coaches with extensive knowledge of the health sector. View our range of services here.

AMA Victoria offers accurate, curated and timely information. Our delivery includes:

The Medical Journal of Australia: Australia’s leading peer reviewed general medical journal (available for Ordinary memberships (joint AMAV + Federal) only).
Vicdoc: Our award-winning magazine contains news affecting the medical profession.
The Check-Up: Our weekly newsletter keeps you updated on current issues.
Stethoscope: Our blog helps members stay up to date on medical news and policy, expert opinions and profiles on people of interest in medicine.


Membership: more options than ever before

AMA Victoria has two membership types available for you to consider. Whilst we encourage you to become an Ordinary Member (Joint AMA Victoria and AMA Federal member), we have also recently introduced the AMA Victoria Associate Membership (AMA Victoria only). We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the different membership categories and choose the membership that is personally right for you. Learn more about the Federal AMA's benefits for early career doctors here.

Ordinary Membership
(Joint AMAV + Federal)

Year 1 - Intern: $27 plus GST
Year 2: $38 plus GST
Year 3: $49 plus GST
Year 4: $62 plus GST
Year 5 and over: $82 plus GST

In addition to the benefits of an AMAV Associate (AMAV only) Membership, an ‘Ordinary’ or joint member also receives the benefits and rights of membership of Federal AMA. Learn more about our new membership options. Nationally, the Federal AMA works with the Federal Government to get more from Medicare, private health insurance, public hospital funding, aged care, and medical registration and training. 

Other benefits of Ordinary Membership include:

AMAV Associate
(AMAV only) Membership

Year 1 - Intern: $17 plus GST
Year 2: $24 plus GST
Year 3: $31 plus GST
Year 4: $38 plus GST
Year 5 and over: $50 plus GST

The AMAV Associate (AMAV only) Membership includes the following benefits. Learn more about our new membership options. 

  • workplace relations and industrial relations support
  • mediation
  • legal assistance
  • advocacy to the State Government
  • communications and information from AMA Victoria such as the weekly ‘Check Up’ and Vicdoc magazine
  • state-based events
  • discounts and benefits from AMA Victoria partners
  • professional development, careers and coaching services
  • wellbeing advice and support
  • participation in Victorian-based subdivisions
  • the opportunity to participate on AMA Victoria’s State Council
  • voting rights specific to the governance of AMA Victoria only.



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