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Here’s an update on a few of the issues AMA Victoria is working on for members, including:

  • Mandatory training courses for public hospital medical staff
  • Spinal manipulation of children under two years of age
  • Drug checking (pill testing).

Mandatory training courses for public hospital medical staff

AMA Victoria consistently receives feedback from public health service medical staff regarding the perceived low value of mandatory training courses, often citing "click fatigue”. These courses are often conducted after hours, online, and as unpaid overtime.

In response to these concerns, we have contacted the Victorian Department of Health to understand the reasons behind the frequency and nature of these mandatory requirements, aiming for systemic improvement and change.

This effort aligns with AMA Victoria’s advocacy priority of lessening the administrative burdens placed on medical practitioners.

We invite member feedback about mandatory online training courses in public health services. Specifically, we are interested in member views on the frequency, content, design, duration, duplication, or any other aspects of these courses required health services as part of your employment.

We advise members that some of the modules do offer the opportunity to provide feedback to health services. We encourage members to provide honest and direct feedback through this method to assist us in achieving positive change.

Feedback on the above matters is welcome and can be sent to Senior Policy Adviser, Lewis Horton, at [email protected].


Spinal manipulation of children under two years of age

AMA Victoria was alarmed at reports last week that the Chiropractic Board of Australia had lifted its interim ban on the spinal manipulation of children under two years of age.

Following these reports, AMA Victoria President, Dr Jill Tomlinson, spoke to The Age, describing this practice as “manifestly unsafe.” She emphasised, “There is no reason that we should support a practice that carries risk with no clear benefit.”

Dr Tomlinson reiterated these concerns in an interview with 7 News, stating, “There's no evidence base to support chiropractic manipulation of the spine in kids under 12. And it certainly should not be done on infants and children.”

In response, AMA Victoria promptly contacted the Victorian Health Minister’s Office, reiterating our longstanding views on this unsafe and unnecessary practice.

Subsequently, following discussions at the Health Ministers' Meeting convened on June 14, the Chair of the meeting wrote to the Chiropractic Board urging the immediate reinstatement of the interim ban. The Chiropractic Board responded on June 17 by reinstating the ban on spinal manipulation of infants by chiropractors.

This is a positive outcome. The practice of spinal manipulation carries risks and lacks proven benefits, particularly for infants. We commend the Health Ministers for their prompt and resolute action in advocating for the reinstatement of the ban during their meeting.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to advocating for evidence-based best practices to safeguard the health of Victorians.



Drug checking (pill testing)

It is encouraging to see Victoria likely moving forward with drug checking (pill testing) trials, supported by the AMA since 2005 as a vital component of harm minimisation strategies.

Pill testing not only facilitates opportunistic engagement with health professionals, drug and alcohol counsellors, and highly trained peer educators but also acknowledges the reality that young people will experiment with drugs.

By utilising all available and recognised means to reduce harm, including recommendations from four Victorian coronial inquiries for a drug checking service and an early drug warning system, we can enhance public health and safety.

AMA Victoria continues to advocate for the implementation of a Victorian drug checking trial, alongside other progressive drug reform measures, such as establishing a CBD safe injecting facility. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Mental Health Minister to advance these critical initiatives.