Emerging Leader Coaching Program


Program structure: 4 x 1-hour coaching sessions
Duration - 4-6 months

A leadership program designed for aspiring medical and health leaders in the process of taking up &/or training for a leadership opportunity.

Typically, your current career stage would range from registrar, through to junior consultant / consultant <5 years. You may be in either an informal leadership role, or have recently moved into a formal leadership role.

You are keen to take up a leadership position in a way that aligns with your values and strengths, and emulates the leader you wish to be.

The program aims to provide you with the reflective space, as well as a framework for thinking to explore the type of leader you aspire to be. It aims to support you in articulating the steps you need to take to achieve this, whether it is a leader of people, ideas, or services. 

As with all our programs, you will work to develop and implement a leadership development plan tailored to addressing your current leadership needs and goals.

AMA Victoria Member $1100 + GST


AMA Other State Member $1250 + GST


AMA Referral Partner $1400 + GST


Non-Member $2200 + GST


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