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Senior Leader Program


Program structure: 4, 6 & 8 session options
Duration 3-12 months 

This program has been designed to support senior leaders with extensive experience in a range of medical/health managerial and leadership roles.  The program aims to support them to hone and deepen their leadership practices with a view to fine-tuning your leadership and role in guiding and developing the next generation of leaders.  

The program will assist you to reflect on and improve your leadership style, build self-awareness around your leadership approach, identify your strengths and weaknesses, in-order that you can play a key role in developing the next generation of leaders. 

Senior leaders are increasingly looked to by others in the organisation for guidance, motivation, and development. Feeling the pressure of this increased scrutiny and request, senior leaders often feel a need to address the ‘cracks in their armour’, style and identity. What do I do well, and what do I not do so well – and feel myself avoiding and not engaging in at work? Often there are some things, some areas, that people are aware of, and the time has come when they want to work on it. 

Coaching is a highly individualised development process very well suited to this work. Working one-on-one with a leadership coach, senior leaders can make significant breakthroughs that carry them on to lead more clearly and confidently and engage more deliberately with developing the next generation of senior leaders. 

4 Session program

AMA Victoria Member - $1400 + GST

Non-Member - $3120 + GST

6 Session program 

AMA Victoria Member - $2100 + GST

Non-Member - $4680 + GST

8 Session Program

AMA Victoria Member - $2800 + GST

Non-Member - $6240 + GST



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