The leadership transition - from manager to leader


Program structure: 4, 6 & 8 session options
Duration 3-12 months

A leadership coaching program for existing managers & leaders in medical roles, as well as in the broader health system, who are looking to deepen and extend their leadership effectiveness and prepare for senior leadership positions.

This program has been designed to support the development of current managers and leaders who are looking to develop their leadership skills.  These individuals have often found themselves put into a managerial or leadership role, with little training, guidance, or support to assist them in taking up their role.  They perhaps have been frustrated by the reactive nature of their journey in a management / leadership role to date and are wanting to be more proactive and strategic in navigating the next stage of their career. This program is also for current managers and leaders who are looking to refine and deepen their leadership skills in preparation for more senior roles. 

Our program aims to support you to become the leader you aspire to be, whether you are a leader of people, ideas, or services.  The program is designed to coach you ‘in role’ using an experiential learning model – "the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping and transforming experience" (Kolb 1984, p. 41).

We aim to assist you to reflect on what you are doing well and what is going well in your leadership work, and on what is not going well and perhaps getting in the way of improving. Based on these observations and reflections, we will support you to design realistic and practical action plans to support extending what is going well – by refining and extending your leadership behaviours – and to stop the things that aren’t helpful and work on how to replace those less helpful behaviours with more effective ones. 

4 Session program

AMA Victoria Member - $1240 + GST

Non-Member - $2800 + GST

6 Session Program 

AMA Victoria Member - $1800 + GST

Non-Member - $4080 + GST

8 Session Program

AMA Victoria Member - $2400 + GST

Non-Member - $5440 + GST

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