Bongiorno Group

Since 1964, the Bongiorno Group has proudly assisted medical professionals to grow, manage and protect their wealth.

The Bongiorno Group is one of Australia’s leading financial services firms that specialises in providing accounting and taxation advice for healthcare professionals. 

As the Preferred Partner, Taxation & Accounting of the AMAV, our team of specialist consultants are all highly, and often multi, qualified to help you make good financial decisions no matter where you are in your medical career.

With a dedicated Doctors in Training team, we can assist you from your first steps as an intern, advising you on your tax obligations and accounting advice as you progress through your training years.

In Private Practice or considering setting up your own rooms? Our expert Private Practice team will guide you through your tax obligations and ensure you are operating under the right structure from the start.

Whether you are a healthcare professional in the public sector or a specialist in practice, we can work with you to provide the very best in tax and accounting solutions.

For further information or to book an exclusive AMAV member complimentary meeting, please call (03) 9863 3111 or email

As a member of the AMAV, you can enjoy the following exclusive benefits and offers:

Bongiorno Group

*price applicable standard salary & wage tax return

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