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NIA are the strategic solution for time poor Medical Professionals offering education-based advice and systematic plans to handling your financial inefficiencies. Our team of strategists and specialist industry partners offer integrated investment solutions to deliver on high performing property portfolios, debt reduction, and tax minimisation solutions so you can gain freedom, more time off, less stress, security and peace of mind.  Our service delivers a system to smash tax and grow net worth. Unlike typical advisors, NIA is client focussed and strategy driven. We give you a secure formula that turns your high income into wealth so you can live life by design.

L.E.A.P. Roadmap

Our L.E.A.P. Roadmap helps isolate and overcome the hurdles and barriers that prevent busy professionals from creating wealth in perpetuity.

L – Leverage the right debt in the correct structures

E – Education based advice, earnings into cash flow, equity into wealth

A – Accounting and tax strategies integrated with a wealth building strategy

P – Property, asset accumulation, system of portfolio management reviews

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