Wakelin Property Advisory

Wakelin Property Advisory finds and negotiates the purchase of the highest quality residential property in Melbourne for their clients to invest in. They use the Wakelin Approach, a 7-step process designed to find the best 5 per cent of properties for investment.

The 7 steps to the Wakelin Approach are:

  1. Undertake a client needs analysis
  2. Search the whole market and shortlist suitable property
  3. Assess the shortlist and rate location and building style
  4. Apply due diligence on shortlisted property including a building inspection, contract of sale, current and potential rental income, and projected capital growth
  5. Set a price limit for the target property
  6. Negotiate/bid for the property on the client’s behalf
  7. Schedule an annual review of a client’s portfolio.

AMA Victoria members are eligible to receive a AMA Vic member discounted VIP rate for Wakelin Property Advisory’s:

The AMA Victoria discounted VIP rate has been set after an agreement between AMA Victoria and Wakelin Property Advisory. 

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