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Join the AMA Victoria Doctors in Training Subdivision for a special evening with guest presentations from two Forensic Pathologists from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM).

The VIFM is a trusted and innovative leader in global forensic medicine and science. You will hear about how the VIFM is dedicated to providing reliable forensic services of the highest quality to the Victorian justice system and community.

Date:      Thursday 16 May, 2019
Venue:   Hellenic Republic, 26 Cotham Rd, Kew
Time:      6:30pm – 9:00pm

Dr Joanna Glengarry
Forensic Pathologist

As a teenager, Dr Joanna Glengarry read Patricia Cornwell books on forensic pathology. While she initially trained as a surgeon, she decided to switch to anatomical pathology. Before long, she was hooked. The job fulfilled everything she loved about medicine - A field that covered nearly all clinical specialities in an enthusiastic environment.

“A passion for learning (and a strong stomach) is essential. On any given day you may be faced with natural disease, accidental trauma, suicide, drug-related death, infant death or murder. If you want repetition and protocol, this is not the job for you.”

Dr Greg Young
Forensic Pathologist

Dr Greg Young applied for the anatomical pathology training scheme in Victoria, and got a job an anatomical pathology registrar after a friend suggested it as a career choice. Through the training process he became interested in autopsy pathology and decided to make a change. Forensic pathology has provided him with an opportunity to use a varied set of skills, engage with different people, and use a broad array of knowledge to solve problems.

“As a forensic pathologist, I think it is essential to have an inquisitive mind, to relish solving problems, and be confident in your abilities,” he says. “Some of what we see is not very nice, thus it is important to have resilience and know your limitations.”

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