How to avoid AHPRA notifications and registration issues as a doctor in training

Final year students / doctors in training
Held on Thursday September 7 2023

Future proof your career in medicine – the importance of embedding professional workplace practices and behaviours to avoid AHPRA investigation and loss of registration


Mia Campbell – Special Council: Kennedy’s Law

John Ryan – Workplace Relations Advisor: AMA Victoria

Mardi O’Keefe – Director, Professional Development and Careers: AMA Victoria

Medicine is a highly regulated profession and your ability to practice medicine is dependent on your registration status with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Medical Board (MB). To be registered you must comply with a set of professional ethics, principles and standards that is outlined in the MB & AHPRA ‘Code of conduct - Good medical practice’ and in the ‘Australian Medical Associations Code of ethics’, both of which are consistent with the ‘Declaration of Geneva’ and the International code of medical ethics’ issues by the World Medical Association.

Therefore, it is critical from the outset that medical students and junior doctors set themselves up for a successful future in medicine by understand the regulatory environment they practice in. The reality of the situation is that things can, and do go wrong when professional workplace practices, behaviours and standards are not complied with. 

In this webinar, Special Counsel, Mia Campbell from Kennedy’s Law explains the key things that can and do go wrong that lead to AHPRA investigations and registration issues with doctors in training. Workplace Relations Advisor, John Ryan and Director of Professional Development & Careers Mardi O’Keefe from AMA Victoria then highlight the essential workplace practices and behaviours that ensure high levels of professionalism and ethics to see you deliver ‘good medical practice’ and avoid AHPRA registration issues. 

All three presenters have extensive experience supporting doctors impacted by AHPRA investigations and the focus of this presentation is on awareness and prevention.

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