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Ordinary Membership
(Joint AMAV + Federal)

In addition to the benefits of an AMAV Associate (AMAV only) Membership, an ‘Ordinary’ or joint member also receives the benefits and rights of membership of Federal AMA. Learn more about our new membership options. Nationally, the Federal AMA works with the Federal Government to get more from Medicare, private health insurance, public hospital funding, aged care, and medical registration and training. 

Other benefits of Ordinary Membership include:

AMAV Associate
(AMAV only) Membership

The AMAV Associate (AMAV only) Membership includes the following benefits. Learn more about our new membership options. 

  • workplace relations and industrial relations support
  • mediation
  • legal assistance
  • advocacy to the State Government
  • communications and information from AMA Victoria such as the weekly ‘Check Up’ and Vicdoc magazine
  • state-based events
  • discounts and benefits from AMA Victoria partners
  • professional development, careers and coaching services
  • wellbeing advice and support
  • participation in Victorian-based subdivisions
  • the opportunity to participate on AMA Victoria’s State Council
  • voting rights specific to the governance of AMA Victoria only.



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