#133 AMA Public Health Awards 2020 call for nominations

Dr Alan Leeb - 2019 award winner

28 Feruary 2020

The AMA is seeking nominations of people or groups who have made an extraordinary contribution to health care and public health.  

Recipients will be invited to attend the 2020 AMA National Conference in Canberra in May 2020, where the awards will be presented.  The AMA may contribute to travel costs for recipients to attend the presentation.   

In the year following the presentation of the awards, recipients will have the opportunity to participate in interviews with interested media, and engage in AMA supported activities promoting their work in their field of expertise.

All rewards are presented, pending a sufficient quantity and/or quality of nominations being received in each category. 

Nomination categories

AMA Excellence in Healthcare Award
The AMA Excellence in Healthcare Award is for an individual, not necessarily a doctor or AMA member, who has made a significant contribution to improving health or health care in Australia. The person may be involved in health awareness, health policy or health delivery. The recipient of this award will be an individual who has made a major contribution to health care in Australia in one or more of the following criteria:

Nominations for this award can be submitted by any member of the community. 

Previous recipients of this award include Professor Elizabeth Elliott, Dr Denis Lennox, Associate Professor John Boffa, Ms Donna Ah Chee, Associate Professor Smita Shah, Dr Mehdi Sanati Pour and Dr Alan Leeb.

AMA Woman in Medicine Award
The AMA Woman in Medicine Award is for a female member of the AMA who has made a major contribution to the medical profession by:

This award is presented to a female member of the AMA.  Nominations for this award may only be made by a member of the AMA.

Previous recipients of this award include Professor Judith Goh, Dr Genevieve Goulding, Associate Professor Diana Egerton-Warburton, Dr Joanna Flynn AM, and Professor Kate Leslie.

Nomination Information

How are nominations assessed?
Nominations will be reviewed by a judging panel consisting of the Federal AMA President and two members of AMA Federal Council, after a shortlisting process undertaken within the secretariat.  Award recipients will be informed as soon as possible after the panel has made its decision.

How do I make a nomination?
Nominations must be made by completing the Nomination Form (see buttons below), which must include a personal statement by the nominator describing the merit of the nominee in relation to the criteria for the relevant award.  A Curriculum Vitae for the nominee/s, and any additional supporting documentation relevant to the nomination can also be included with the nomination form. Nominations should be submitted electronically to awards@ama.com.au.  

Nominations are open from Friday 20th March, 2020, and the closing date has been extended until Thursday, 24 September 2020.

When will I find out if my nomination has been successful?
Awards are presented at the AMA National Conference, which is held in Canberra on 29-31 May, 2020. Award recipients will be notified 2-3 weeks prior to arrange attendance at the ceremony, where possible.  The person who made the successful nomination will be notified prior to the ceremony.  If your nomination is unsuccessful, you will be notified by email in due course.



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