#161 AMA Victoria’s Leadership Coaching Program for doctors


12 May 2020

AMA Victoria’s Career Service has offered professional coaching to members for the past several years. In recent years we have had more and more requests from senior doctors looking to develop their leadership capability, as their roles expand, new challenges emerge and the need for more effective models of leadership in health become more apparent. In response to this we have been working to develop a solution that meets the needs of doctors and addresses current and emerging health system challenges – but in all honesty, in developing this solution over the past several months we could not possibly have foreseen the crisis our doctors are currently facing. In response to this, we have brought forward the launch of our ‘Leadership Coaching Program’ and hope that it might be a useful tool members can engage with to support them in effectively taking up their role of leader during this time. 

We are delighted to partner with Dr Anna Clark in providing this coaching program to you. Anna has a PhD in social psychology from the University of Melbourne and works as a leadership development consultant and coach designing and delivering programs and coaching in Europe, Singapore and Australia. Prior to working in leadership development, Anna held academic positions in psychology and organisational behaviour departments in the Netherlands, France and Australia. She has over than 10 years’ experience coaching emerging, middle and senior leaders from a range of private and public sector organisations. Anna currently lives in Melbourne and works as a leadership development consultant and coach designing and delivering executive education programs and coaching at INSEAD Business School (ranked consistently in the top five business schools in the world) and for a range of other organisations and individuals around Australia. Anna specialises in supporting individuals to create and enact nuanced personal action plans to support their work on the behavioural change they desire in a realistic and sustainable way.

You can read Anna’s recent Vicdoc article ‘How to lead through a crisis’ here.

Professional coaching provides a safe and objective developmental space for doctors to work on the current issues and challenges that they face in their day-to-day work, as well as in their professional work system. The Leadership Coaching Program extends this further and aims to provide expert support and guidance for medical experts to focus on developing their leadership skills and practises through which they can grow their professional contribution to their work, their teams and the sector as a whole.

For more information about the Leadership Coaching Program please email careersadvisor@amavic.com.au

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