#163 JobKeeper update for doctors and practice staff


14 May 2020

AMA Victoria has received many questions about the eligibility of members and their employees to receive the JobKeeper payment, particularly the eligibility of sole trade practitioners with additional permanent part-time employment.

In response, we have established a dialogue with senior figures in the ATO and have received clarification on several matters.

Concerning the eligibility of sole trader doctors with permanent part-time employment, the ATO has confirmed that doctors in this situation will not be eligible as a business participant to receive the payment because of their part-time work. However, we can confirm they can still apply for JobKeeper payments in respect of their eligible employees in private practice. 

Whilst at of the time of writing, the online JobKeeper application form does not allow for this (the ATO has pledged to fix this system glitch), you can contact the ATO on 13 28 66 and enrol your eligible employees over the phone.

It is important to note that the above advice, in relation to doctors (and not their eligible staff), applies only to the situation of sole trader doctors with additional permanent part-time employment.

Doctors who have multiple jobs as employees may be eligible for JobKeeper in respect of one of these jobs. Likewise, sole trader doctors with additional casual employment may also be eligible to receive the payment.

Please consult your accountant or contact the JobKeeper hotline on 1800 806 218 if you require more information on your eligibility as a doctor to receive the JobKeeper payment.

Lewis Horton
Communication and Advocacy Officer, AMA Victoria


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