#195 Communication and Advocacy Snapshot


5 August 2020

Most members are too busy to hear AMA Victoria in the media.  Whilst here in the Communication and Advocacy team, we spend every day working closely with the President of AMA Victoria to advocate for members, we know we need to improve how we communicate that work to members. 

We also want to lift the veil on the behind-the-scenes advocacy work we do too.  

To start with, we will now provide regular media snapshots for members to catch up on some of AMA Victoria’s media activities.  It won’t be every piece of media we’ve done, just a snapshot but it will enable members to see some of the media we’ve been doing and to provide us with feedback too. 

During the past five weeks, AMA Victoria has strongly advocated for (both in media and behind the scenes):

AMA Victoria has been present most days during the past five weeks across many different media channels including:

And now for a bit of a media snapshot.  Please note, this does not capture all media conducted, nor all advocacy. Media only accessible via paid subscription is excluded – such as The Age and the Herald Sun.  We don’t want to frustrate members by providing links to media with paywalls. 

A media snapshot is available below:

It is always helpful to hear from members, so please let us know your thoughts on the media we are doing.  We are here to represent you, so if you don’t agree with what we’re saying, please let us know.  Members can contact me directly at TarynS@amavic.com.au  (Please let us know when you think we’re doing okay too – that helps us to know when we’re on track.) 

Thank you to all our members working so hard to look after the community during these challenging times.  Please know we are doing everything we can here at AMA Victoria to represent you and the medical profession.  Please contact us if you wish to raise an issue on which you’d like us to advocate. 

Taryn Sheehy
Director of Communication and Advocacy

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