#197 Information about permitted work sites operating under Victoria's stage 4 restrictions


6 August 2020

Unless an exception applies, only Permitted Work Premises may operate with on-site operations during the restricted activity period in the Restricted Area, and only to the extent permitted.

Employers for Permitted Work Premises are only permitted to have employees on-site if it is not reasonably practicable for the employee to work from home and the employer and employee comply with the Directions currently in force, including the Workplace Directions and the Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions.

Where a Permitted Work Premises is able to operate on-site, additional restrictions may apply.

Permitted Work Premises- health care and social assistance 

All public and private health services, including;

Medical specialists

We have had a number of medical specialists contacting us seeking clarification on their ability to keep working out of their medical offices. AMA Victoria’s understanding is that they can keep doing so as all public and private health services are permitted work premises. The words “where urgent specialist consultation is required” in reference to medical specialists are not words of limitation.

AMA Victoria is attempting to receive formal authorisation of this interpretation from the DHHS and Business Victoria.  

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