#208 Routine childhood vaccination: Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic


28 August 2020

Recent data from the Royal Children’s Hospital Poll Report: Routine childhood vaccination: Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic indicates a significant portion of parents/carers are forgoing or delaying National Immunisation Program Schedule vaccines due for their child as a consequence of the pandemic. 

A common reason parents/carers cited, according to the report, was their usual immunisation provider not presently offering vaccination as a service. This may be due to many health services adopting a tele-health only service model to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

AMA Victoria encourages our members to continue to provide immunisation services with adaptions to manage COVID-19 associated risks.  

Disruption to routine childhood immunisation puts individual children at greater risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases and can impact on overall levels of herd immunity within the community. This may pose a particular risk as pandemic-related restrictions ease and normal activities, and therefore opportunities for disease transmission, resume. 

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