#214 Extension of TAC telehealth services


16 September 2020

In response to COVID-19, the TAC introduced temporary funding of telehealth services to ensure its clients can still access the treatments and services they need related to their transport accident. 

The TAC has now announced it will extend funding temporary telehealth services previously scheduled to end on 30 September until further notice, giving your patients the ongoing convenience and flexibility of accessing health services from home.

Telehealth services enable doctors to use video conferencing to deliver health services to a TAC client. Telephone consultations may be used if videoconferencing is not available. 

TAC telehealth rates allow doctors to be paid at their equivalent TAC face-to-face rate when telehealth services are delivered to TAC clients. 

Provider guidelines for the delivery of telehealth can be found on the TAC website

Reminder: TAC clients and when to seek approval 

The TAC recently announced a change to give doctors greater clarity about when to seek approval for treatment and services, how they make decisions and about what they can pay for. 

The TAC can now pay for some treatments and services without prior approval for up to 90 days from the date of the patient’s transport accident. After 90 days, you or the patient will need to contact the TAC for the approval of ongoing services. The TAC may request a treatment plan to understand more about the patient’s injuries and the treatment and support they need, so it can make decisions about what it can pay for and how long. 

For details visit What we can pay for on the TAC website. 

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