#244 Medical fitness to drive

26 November 2020

Driving is a complex task requiring good vision, judgement, perception and physical abilities. Many health conditions and disabilities may affect a patient's ability to drive, so fitness to drive is an important consideration when assessing and managing these. 

Patients, including family and carers, rely on medical practitioners’ advice regarding medical conditions and their impact on safe driving ability. They also rely on their advice about when to report to VicRoads, what happens after referral, and the consequences of not reporting.

AMA Victoria was recently contacted by the Coroners Court of Victoria offering the opportunity to provide a response to the Coroner’s proposed comment in a Finding. This comment was that we, “May wish to consider redistributing the Report to the Coroners Court: Medical Fitness to Drive, November 2018, to [our] stakeholders.” 

AMA Victoria takes Medical Fitness to Drive with the utmost seriousness, and we have agreed to redistribute a link to the report as a gesture of goodwill.

We remain of the view that this issue is best addressed through education, information and awareness, and not through heavy-handed regulation such as mandatory reporting. We have agreed to redistribute the report as a sign of our commitment to this position.

Click here to view the Medical Fitness to Drive report.

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