#245 Survey: Knowledge, attitude and practice of doctors towards dental problems


26 November 2020

With the approval of the La Trobe University Human Research Ethics Committee (ethics number HEC20434), a research team is looking at the knowledge, attitude and practice of Victorian general medical practitioners towards common adult and paediatric dental problems.

The study aims to explore Victorian GPs knowledge and insights regarding accurate diagnosis of dental conditions, affecting the adult population. It also aims to investigate the depth of scope of GPs in managing early childhood cavities in the paediatric age group. Furthermore, the study intends to assess the different routes the GPs pursue while referring patients with a persisting oral infection or dental pain and their consecutive follow-up to evaluate the outcome of the proposed treatment provided. 

There are currently very few reports of such information in the peer-reviewed literature. The information gained will be used in the planning for further dissemination to general practitioners of appropriate educational support and materials regarding these dental and oral conditions. 

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