#255 Victoria's new Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030


19 January 2020

The Victorian Government has launched the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030- a ten-year plan that aims to halve deaths and significantly reduce injuries by 2030 and sets Victoria on the path towards zero road deaths by 2050. 

The new Strategy seeks to embed a strong culture of road safety within the Victorian community and support road users to make safe choices to reduce fatalities on our roads.

It will be implemented via a series of action plans, the first of which is currently being finalised. 

The focus of this Strategy is on creating a safe road environment and supporting road users to make safe choices.

It aims to:

The Strategy also acknowledges that road safety is complex, and that it takes a collective response across government agencies, industry partners, and the Victorian community to deliver safer roads.

Members can view the Strategy here.

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