#143 DHHS calling for assistance with COVID-19


14 March 2020

DHHS is calling for expressions of interest from appropriately qualified and experienced medical and infection control staff to support the Victorian public heath response coordinated through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in this critical period of containment following formal announcement of a pandemic by the WHO. DHHS recognises the acute pressures this is placing on our services and clinical staff.

Working as part of the public health team at DHHS and starting as soon as possible, the key activities of these staff will be:

  1. Advice for frontline clinicians in the public health response to COVID-19 through a new DHHS hotline service, using existing and emerging guidance and specialist knowledge
  2. Follow up of notified cases and their contacts, particularly through taking detailed medical histories
  3. Provision of medical advice in the development of clinical and policy guidance and protocols for health service and non-health settings

DHHS is seeking expressions of interest from medical and infection control nursing staff with particular skills in:

  • Public health
  • General practice
  • Infectious disease control
  • Emergency medicine
  • Critical care

There will be the potential for up to full-time work on a roster for a one- to two-week period in the first instance with longer term, shift-based and weekend work options available.

DHHS is interested to hear from all those working state-wide.

For those wishing to express interest, please mail Publichealth.hr@dhhs.vic.gov.au including “DHHS public health workforce surge capacity” in the subject line and with a word document attachment outlining:

  • Full name
  • Contact details – email and mobile phone
  • Summary of relevant professional qualifications/training/work experience
  • Day and time (am/pm) availability over the next two weeks

Expressions of interest will be followed up accordingly as skills and availability are matched with work demand.

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