There has been a strong reaction to a recent article in The Guardian quoting President of AMA Victoria, Dr Roderick McRae.

By way of clarification, it was not the President’s intention to suggest that COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers should be denied treatment.

Doctors will always provide care impartially and without discrimination.

Dr McRae intended to make the point that COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers are at more risk of contracting COVID-19 than vaccinated members of the community.  A portion are also therefore more likely to become seriously unwell.

Dr McRae was suggesting that COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers may wish to consider updating their advance care directives so that, in the event they do contract COVID-19 and become seriously unwell but do not wish to be treated because it may be contrary to their views, medical professionals can respect their autonomy and wishes concerning medical care.

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