Create lasting change without a New Year’s resolution

7 January 2022

As we start a New Year, we often commit to changing our habits or focusing on a new goal with a New Year resolution. The resolutions frequently involve weight loss, exercise, abstinence from particular foods or alcohol, rigid study timetables or a career goal. In our enthusiasm to improve ourselves, these changes usually involve denying ourselves a pleasure and have unrealistic targets which quickly lead to failure. By February (or even during January), we feel discouraged by our failure, beat ourselves up and go back to our old ways with a negative perception of our will power and determination. The whole concept becomes jaded by our experience and we vow not to make a New Year resolution in future. We also feel trapped and disempowered at our inability to change.

Success in making changes in our lives

Kay Dunkley
AMA Victoria Coordinator of Doctor Wellbeing




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