Thriving as a doctor in a life beyond burnout

24 November 2021

Many of the measures to thrive as a doctor are similar to the steps for recovering from burnout (discussed in a previous article, here). Given the many stresses that doctors face, it is worth revisiting these steps on a regular basis.

This week (November 20 – 27), the 2021 Burnout Project Thrive Symposium is offering free, online access to a range of inspiring speakers sharing their own experience of burnout and discussing strategies to counter it. Doctors and other experts in the field will be sharing valuable resources for burnout, including books by some of the speakers and useful links to visit online. A private Facebook group, ‘Thrive Symposium: beating burnout with balance’ is also available for attendees to join. Access to the symposium is currently free, with lifetime access available for a fee. Register now to see some of the amazing presentations.

Some key takeaway messages from the seminar include:

From Dr Jenny Brockis:

From Dr Jo Braid:

From Andrew Laird:

Kay Dunkley
AMA Victoria Coordinator of Doctor Wellbeing


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