Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy

AMA Victoria is the voice of Victorian doctors on issues impacting on medical practitioners, the public health system, mental and community health services and public access to quality health care.

AMA Victoria is concerned to improve the health of the community through:


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Doctor Advocacy

This page explores AMA Victoria's recent doctor advocacy work.

Climate Change and Human Health

The AMA recognises the latest findings regarding the science of climate change, the role of humans, past observations and future projections.

Female Genital Mutilation

While FGM is illegal in Australia, as is taking a girl or woman overseas to undergo the procedure, surveys indicate that up to one in 10 paediatricians in Australia have treated patients who have undergone FGM

Hazelwood & Heyfield – efforts to support workers needed

The AMA’s policy position on Climate Change and Human Health states recognises climate change, its direct and indirect health impacts, and the benefits of renewable energy. It also recognises that consequent unemployment has potential health impacts, part...

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