Career planning and review

Career reflection, review and planning is critical to ensuring your satisfaction and engagement in your role. Often over time, aspects of your role may no longer work for you for many reasons and change needs to occur. Some of these reasons may include:

Achieving positive change in your professional life is an active process that you as an individual must drive - it can’t be outsourced. 

The work of change is often terrifying, uncomfortable, and confronting and therefore avoided by many.  However, for those individuals who are brave and vulnerable enough to ask for change, the rewards can be enormous and life changing.

How we can help?

AMA Victoria’s professional development and careers team have created a range of coaching programs designed to support you to complete this important reflective work. 

As a first step, begin by booking a ‘Career health check’ with one of our team. It’s a benefit of your membership with AMA Victoria. 

15-minute career call (members only);

The ‘career call’ service is member benefit for AMA Victoria members (excluding students).  By scheduling a career call, you can engage with one of our career consultants (Zoom/telephone) for a fifteen-minute career discussion.


Career health check

We recommend reviewing your career annually and we call this a ‘Career health check’. It doesn’t have to be an onerous task and can be achieved by asking yourself a few questions which you then debrief with a qualified careers coach.

Please note: The Career health check is not available to student members. 


Career coaching

60 minutes - Career coaching consult

Career coaching can be utilised by doctors at all stages of their career to explore career opportunities and challenges, make informed career choices, identify their professional goals, gain personal insight and increase their self-awareness, build career management capability and enhance their career potential. If you are not sure what specific support you need or need to talk through a number of things, this is the best session to book. The session will be conducted by Zoom. 

Booking and costs » 

1-hour career coaching can be booked by clicking on the relevant link below. All prices are inclusive of GST.

I am a student (AMA Victoria student member) $171 + GST  BOOK NOW
I am a doctor (AMA Victoria member) $190 + GST  BOOK NOW
I am a doctor (AMA other state member) $228 + GST BOOK NOW
I am a doctor (Referred by referral partner) $285 + GST BOOK NOW
I am a doctor (Non-member) $380 + GST BOOK NOW

Terms and conditions

Read AMA Victoria's Professional Development and Careers Service T&Cs here.

Coming soon

We will be launching a range of career review and planning programs over the next two months. These programs will support doctors at all career stages to reach their professional potential and make informed career choices and decisions.


Our programs are designed to engage you in a process of review and reflection so that you can:

Often the steps are simple, sometimes they are not, but when they are implemented with the support of an objective third party (a coach) the change that can be achieved is often profound.

We have lost count of the times a client has told us, “I didn’t know I could ask for this! I didn’t know I could say ‘no that doesn’t interest me!’ Are you sure I can do that, contact that person, apply for that opportunity?” The list is endless.

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