Leader check-in

The check-in is a member benefit for AMA Victoria members (excluding student members) designed to support our members whose roles require them to lead and manage staff, teams and/or departments. 

The check-in will provide you with real-time professional coaching on issues/opportunities that you face in your day-to-day work as a manager or leader. Our intent is that you will exit the session with an action plan you can implement, or at the very least an identified way forward.  

Anything discussed in the check-in coaching conversation will be private and confidential. Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced senior leadership and organisation coaching professionals with extensive experience working with managers and leaders within the health and medical professions.

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Please note: this member service is currently unavailable to all student members and to AMA members of other Australian states and territories. We have other services you can access for a fee - students and other state members, please click here to see more. 

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For more information, contact our consultants between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday: (03) 9280 8722 or careersadvisor@amavic.com.au.

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