Resume check-up

The resume check-up is a member benefit for AMA Victoria members (excluding student members). By scheduling a resume check-up, the member can engage 1:1 with a careers coach to obtain real-time feedback on the state of their resume, as well as advice and direction on how to improve it. The resume check-up is a consultative process, completed together (member and coach), over the telephone or via Zoom.  

In the check-up the coach will conduct a high-level review (scan) of the document and may provide verbal advice to the member on:

The advice given is tailored to the individual and will depend on the professional opportunity they wish to pursue. Resources (where relevant) will be emailed at the end of the session to support the work they will need to do post session. Members will need to note down the verbal feedback provided by the coach.

To get the most out of this session please have emailed the document at least 5 minutes prior to the session. Please note we will not be reviewing or providing advice on the resume prior to the session. 

Schedule a resume check-up by clicking the button below (members only).


Please note:  AMA members of other Australian states and territories are able to access this member service. However, you will need to book on the AMA Federal website. Please use the link below to access the booking links:

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