Middle leader professional development program


Aim of the program

As a Middle Leader, reporting to senior staff, managing juniors, and collaborating with peers are significant responsibilities that bring unique challenges. In a middle leadership role, you also may be considering the next phase of your career and what leadership opportunities you may aspire to and find fulfilment in the future.

The Middle Leader program is a professional development course for doctors, consultant level and above. The program aims to build leadership capability and knowledge, supporting participants to find their own leadership voice and style and to lead with confidence in complex collaborative environments. 

Structure of the program

The program provides 18 hours of leadership education facilitated by our leadership expert, Dr Anna Clark. The program is modular in design and is delivered in a small group format over several sessions via both interactive webinars/tutorials, face-to-face workshops, peer learning pairs, one-on-one coaching, and self-paced online learning, including video tutorials, readings, and reflective learning activities.

Program structure:

Participants work on a personal leadership mission statement and three personal action plans across the duration of the program: a personal leadership development plan, a holistic leadership plan, and a professional network health check. These plans support the direct application of learning into specific leadership skills and behaviours that can be used immediately in participants' current roles.

Program dates

2023 Intake 1: (webinar)

2023 Intake 2 (in-person)

Note: We are offering an in-person workshop format for our second intake in 2023 which will be held at AMA House, ground floor, 293 Royal Parade, Parkville.

Booking and costs » 

We love our members, we don’t exist without you, therefore we try to create value for you wherever we can. Hence, accessing the program is substantially discounted for you.  

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To discuss the program or to find out more, please email careersadvisor@amavic.com.au.

If you are having problems enrolling, please email training@amavic.com.au.

Who should attend this program

This program is for doctors who are consultant level and above who are currently managing and leading a team, service, or department. Participants may also hold a leadership role in private practice, with many juggling more than one role across both the private and public sector.

Content covered in the program

Program director 

Dr Anna Clark (PhD) » 
Leadership coach and educator


Leadership coach and educator

Anna has a PhD in social psychology from the University of Melbourne and works as a leadership development consultant and coach designing and delivering leadership development programs and coaching in Europe, Singapore, and Australia. Prior to working in leadership development, Anna held academic positions in psychology and organisational behaviour departments in the Netherlands, France, and Australia. She has over 12 years’ experience coaching a range of emerging, middle, and senior leaders from both private and public sector organisations, including health and education. Anna currently lives in Melbourne and works as a leadership development consultant and coach designing and delivering executive education programs and coaching for a range of organisations and individuals around Australia. Anna specialises in supporting individuals to find authentic, purposeful, and realistic development goals and to then create and enact nuanced personal action plans to support their work toward the behavioural change they desire in a practical and sustainable way.

In her work with AMA Victoria, Anna has joined the Professional Development and Careers team to provide leadership development programs and one-on-one coaching for Doctors at all stages of their careers. Professional coaching provides a safe and objective developmental space for doctors to work on the current issues and challenges that they face in their day-to-day work, as well as in their professional work system.  

Anna also writes regularly for AMA Victoria, publishing on leadership topics highly relevant to the complex care and collaborative leadership required in healthcare settings. 



A very stimulating and thought-provoking program. Have appreciated the mix of theory and also discussion with AMA Victoria coaches and like-minded clinicians.

Past Middle Leader Professional Development Program participant
Gleaned useful practical insights and strategies that are applicable straight away.

Past Middle Leader Professional Development Program participant
The tasks like writing a network map etc. are simple, but though provoking. The breakout rooms and scenario-based role play were especially helpful.

Past Middle Leader Professional Development Program participant
Supporting literature and articles were helpful, with useful practical tips and insights.

Past Middle Leader Professional Development Program participant

Terms and conditions

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