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#121 Dr Clare Collins on choosing a specialty

Choosing a specialty is one of the most important career decisions for a doctor. In this series we profile a range of specialists with the aim of helping others who are still to make a decision.

#118 Keeping well in 2020

Helpful resources for doctors wanting to take a proactive approach to their wellbeing.

#110 The ‘other’ gender bias in medicine

We’re pushing for equal representation of women in society. There is no reason we should not have equal representation of women in clinical trials too.

#105 New digital Vicdoc in 2020

The increasing costs of printing and distributing Vicdoc has required us to look for a more financially sustainable way to deliver the magazine to our members.

#101 It’s time to talk about STIs

After record increases in sexually transmissible infections in the last decade, the DHHS is encouraging all Victorians to get tested and seek treatment.

#100 Eight tips for everyday positive psychology

I didn’t realise until recently that there is a completely different way of looking at things. It is, in a sense, the ‘flip side’ of the way we learn how to be doctors. And it can be incorporated into our everyday lives.

#98 Wellness in balance

Specialist Otolaryngologist Mr Eric Levi shares his tips for wellbeing.

#81 Opening up about doctors’ mental health

"It makes such a difference to bring it out in the open that we’re human too. The problem is that in some circles there’s still a fair amount of judgement.”

#57 Member profile: Dr Amy Touzell

Part 1 of our International Women’s Day profile series: Dr Amy Touzell is an orthopaedic surgeon at Frankston public hospital

#40 Thinking outside the script

We look at those patients whose conditions are rooted in lifestyle issues outside the scope of services provided by healthcare professionals.

#37 In profile - Mr James Keck

Mr James Keck – Clinical Director of Colorectal Surgery at Eastern Health discusses choosing a specialty.

#33 Inspiring women in Geelong

A wrap up of the Women in Medicine Committee's highly successful Inspiring Women event in Geelong

#32 Assessing fitness to drive

Patients rely on doctors to make recommendations for management and monitoring of their Fitness to Drive.

#31 Medicare Billing Compliance

Medicare billing errors and healthcare fraud are significant factors in the cost of the Australian health care system.

#18 Changes to Victorian notifiable conditions

The number of conditions that are required to notify has been reduced and the requirement to provide written follow up for ‘urgent’ conditions has been removed.

#14 Interview with Dr Mrin Nayagam

In preparation for Family Doctor Week, here is an excerpt from our interview with author of Silver Linings: True Stories of Resilience from a General Practice, Dr Mrin Nayagam.

#13 Member profile: Dr Graeme Killer

As the personal doctor to five sitting Australian Prime Ministers, Dr Killer has met many world leaders during his distinguished career.

#12 Hospital Health Check Survey

In January, the AMA Victoria Doctors in Training Subcommittee ran an anonymous survey about various aspects of DiT’s working lives. Here are the results.

#7 crazysocks4docs

Make sure you have some crazy socks ready to wear on Friday 1 June to raise awareness of doctors’ mental health.

#5 Federal Budget wrap

The AMA believes the Federal Government has delivered a safe and steady health budget – but some of the biggest challenges are yet to come.

#4 Getting prepped for PrEP

The Commonwealth Government recently approved the listing of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

#3 Medical Careers Expo wrap

On Saturday 28 April, over 900 delegates gathered at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, excited to gain some insight into their future medical careers.

#2 Member Profile: Dr Jackson Harding

Dr Jackson Harding runs a specialist anaesthetic practice in Bendigo, but when he’s not in theatre, he’s serving his country as a 27-year member of the Army Reserve.

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