#360 Defamation action after a bad online review?

The number of defamation cases concerning negative reviews for medical practitioners in Australia has increased over the past few years, seemingly because of the rise in online review platforms and the difficulty in managing such reviews. Our legal partner Kennedys outlines some recent cases and provides guidance on how doctors should approach bad online reviews.

#351 Fact sheet - Mandatory vaccination in medical practices

Employers face possible legal risks in imposing a mandatory requirement that employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. Issues relating to mandatory vaccination have not, to date, been decided by the courts so it is not possible to state with confidence a definitive legal position. A medical practice could direct its employees to be vaccinated if such a direction is both lawful and reasonable. Whether or not such a direction will be reasonable will depend on a number of factors.

#322 Vexatious complaints and the Code of Conduct

Over the past decade, there has been an increasingly common belief that Australia’s health complaints system is inadequate to deal with vexatious complaints. However an update to the Code of Conduct should act as a deterrent for people who make complaints to Ahpra without reasonable grounds and with the primary intent of causing harm to a practitioner.

#309 New laws on casual employment

Recent amendments to the Fair Work Act are relevant for medical practices that engage casual staff. These were made to address the concerns of the business community following the uncertainty created by two court decisions.

#297 What happens when a patient cannot consent to a COVID-19 vaccine?

For most people, getting their COVID-19 vaccine will be as simple as booking an appointment and presenting for a ‘jab’, but for those who lack capacity to consent to the vaccine, who can be among the most vulnerable to COVID-19, the process is less straightforward.

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