Doctor in Training

Doctor in Training

#12 Hospital Health Check Survey

In January, the AMA Victoria Doctors in Training Subcommittee ran an anonymous survey about various aspects of DiT’s working lives. Here are the results.

Rates of Pay: Doctors in Training

From the first pay period commencing on or after 1 December 2015, Doctors in Training will be paid the following minimum wage rates . . .

Higher Duties: How a DiT Should be paid

A HMO paid higher duties on an 86 hour Registrar roster is eligible for 76 hours ordinary time and then 10 hours overtime with pay being based on the Registrar-1 hourly rate for each hour worked.

DiT Classifications Explained

A DiT hospital contract does no more than create a time period for the employment relationship and bind the DiT to their hospital’s policies and procedures.

Doctors in Training

AMA Victoria provides free advice, support and representation for Doctor in Training members.

Navigating first-year consultant offers

Final-year registrars who are successful in getting appointments as first-year consultants in Victorian public hospitals in 2017 will be receiving offers and contracts over the next few months.

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