Parental Leave Entitlements for Doctors

AMAV receives numerous queries regarding Parental & Prenatal Leave Entitlements. Many members call in advance of needing this leave, which is a great way to know what you should & should not be expecting to happen leading up to & during a period of Parental Leave. However, we also find that many members do not fully understand their entitlements & that some are not properly advised by their employer & are therefore not receiving their appropriate entitlements.

Enterprise Agreement Update: 28 October

The Specialists' agreement has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission, and will become operational (and enforceable) on Thursday 3 November.

Enterprise Agreement Update: 24 October

The Doctors in Training (DiT) and Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreements were voted up over the weekend, 87.7% and 86.8% in favour respectively.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Update: 27 September

We are pleased to announce that the Government has now completed its review and approval of the settlement offer to Specialists and Doctors in Training (DiT). In the next few days, health services will provide copies of the agreements and an explanatory document to outline to the changes and the some of the key entitlements.

Leave entitlements are important for your wellbeing as a doctor

Workplace leave entitlements are an important tool to assist you to maintain your wellbeing as a doctor. Many healthcare professionals are experiencing burnout due to dealing with the ongoing challenges from COVID-19 and subsequent workforce shortages – the use of leave to rest and recover is more important than ever.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Update: 14 July

The parties are still working through drafting of the new agreements. AMA Victoria met with VHIA and the Department of Health on Monday 11 July to work through the outstanding clauses. Unfortunately, during that meeting, it became clear that there is still some way to go before the drafting is completed.

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