Professional Coaching

#340 Leadership insight: Adapting as a core leadership skill

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced upon us a long period of time working under conditions of high stress, anxiety and uncertainty. We are all increasingly aware of the huge toll adapting is taking on our health and wellbeing – in ourselves, our families and communities. So what can we be doing to alleviate some of this pressure? How can we prevent burnout, exhaustion and uncertainty fatigue?

#312 Emerging Leader Professional Development Program

AMA Victoria is excited to launch to all AMA members our flagship leadership development program designed to support the development of emerging leaders in medicine. Specific dates for three intakes - with the first in late August - will be announced soon.

15-minute Leader/Manager check-in

The Leader/Manager Check-In is a benefit of your AMA Victoria membership and takes the form of a 15-minute phone or zoom coaching conversation with one of our experienced leadership & professional coach.