ASMOF membership





ASMOF is the principal federally registered union representing medical officers in public hospitals. Under this arrangement, membership is provided without further subscription cost to full time Hospital Medical Officers and Salaried Medical Officers who are financial members of AMA Victoria at 31 March each year. As with all registered unions, as an ASMOF member you may become liable for levies, outstanding fees and fines in accordance with its rules. The rules of ASMOF are available at

If you wish to resign from membership of ASMOF you must write to the Secretary, ASMOF Victorian Branch, c/o 293 Royal Parade Parkville, 3052.

Other AMA members may (if eligible) join ASMOF by contacting the union at the above address. However they may be required to pay a subscription fee.

If you are a full time medical officer and do not wish to become an ASMOF member, please indicate by ticking the box at step 20 on your application form.


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