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The discussion that takes place at AMA Victoria subdivision meetings helps to influence policy development at AMA Victoria State Council. Subdivision boundaries ensure maximum representative coverage so that the voices of all doctors are heard.

How subdivisions are allocated

Attend a subdivision meeting

For members to attend your next subdivision meeting, visit our events page or contact our membership team on (03) 9280 8722 or membership@amavic.com.au 

In some instances non-members can attend subdivision meetings. Contact our membership team to learn more.

Sponsor a subdivision meeting

Organsisations that want to sponsor a subdivison should contact Daniel McLaughlin, Business Development Representative, on (03) 9280 8722 or visit the sponsorship page.

Vocational subdivisions coming in 2020

With AMA Victoria you have the opportunity to network with colleagues, discuss public health issues and help influence policy development through your subdivisions. In 2020 we are introducing additional vocational subdivisions to give members more opportunity to engage with colleagues in their area of medicine.

Vocational Subdivisions comprise all Ordinary Members practising within a similar vocational type, comprising:

  1. Non-General Practitioner Doctors-in-Training
  2. General Practitioner Doctors-in-Training
  3. Hospital salaried senior medical staff
  4. Salaried Specialist General Practitioners, non-hospital based
  5. Other salaried or contracted senior medical staff, non-hospital based
  6. Medical specialists in private practice
  7. Specialist General Practitioners in private practice

AMA Victoria subdivision representation

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