The Choosing a Specialty Program for Doctors is a strategic investment tailored to support you in making a significant decision in your professional journey. This concise coaching program comprises two personalized sessions, optional self-assessments, reflection exercises, and the provision of relevant resources.

Choosing a medical specialty is a pivotal career decision, and despite the perceived pressure to decide early, we advocate taking the necessary time for careful consideration, given the substantial investment in time and money. Our 1-1 Choosing a Specialty Program is designed for individuals in the early stages of this decision-making process, whether they are students or experienced doctors. The program aims to assist in navigating the diverse array of options, fostering self-awareness, and facilitating informed decision-making.

The program consists of two Zoom sessions: the first lasting 60 minutes and the second 30 minutes, with associated pre-work and homework during the program. Our coaches leverage individual coaching, reflective practice, and diagnostic tools to empower participants with the insight and confidence needed for making informed career choices.

Booking and costs

This product is valued at $792 including GST, however members of AMA Victoria can access it for $396 including GST


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