Thank you for your entries! Entries to #MonthofMindfulness are now closed. See the winners below, and browse all the entries we received in the December edition of VICDOC!

#MonthofMindfulness is a social media campaign by AMA Victoria and Doctors’ Health Fund to raise awareness of the small things in our lives which lift our mood and can make a difference to how we feel.

Healthcare workers have been under significant pressure for a long time. This can impact our wellbeing and also result in burnout. While we cannot control the external environment, it is important to put in place our own strategies to protect and enhance our own wellbeing. Focusing on what brings us joy and our passions and interest beyond medicine helps each of us to wind down and relax outside our workplaces. Doctors were encouraged to share what brings them joy outside medicine on some specific themes during October 2023.

Practicing mindfulness is important for doctors and anyone in a stressful role. During the month, our hope was to remind each other about the simplicity and power of mindfulness and inspire each other by sharing stories.

In October, we launched a theme each week and invited you to respond with some words and a photo or image. Courtesy of Doctors’ Health Fund, we had great prizes to share for the best posts on each theme. Winners were chosen by a Doctors' Health Fund office-wide blind vote.

Our weekly themes included:


Engaging in hobbies can significantly enhance our overall wellbeing. Hobbies provide an avenue for relaxation and stress relief, promoting mental and emotional balance. Participating in hobbies is particularly valuable to enable us to “turn off” outside the workplace and reduce tension which helps to prevent burnout. Hobbies that involve exercise bring physical and mental health benefits. Creative hobbies, including music, assist with emotional health and reduce the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Hobbies also ensure we have a broader focus in our lives than just our work, which is an important way to manage the challenges and stress associated with our work. When our hobbies involve social connection this grows our community network, which reduces isolation and enables us to meet a broader range of people. Ultimately, hobbies offer a fulfilling and enjoyable way to relax, contributing to a happier and more balanced life.

We asked: What is your hobby and how does it enrich your life? Share a picture of one of your favourite pastimes.

WINNER: Professor Catherine Crock AM
Prize - $200 Prezzee voucher
Entry: Spending time making art and i zone out totally. #MonthOfMindfulness @amavictoria


People who inspire us possess remarkable qualities that ignite our own ambitions and drive. Often their determination and resilience in the face of adversity showcase the power of human spirit, motivating us to overcome challenges. They may demonstrate kindness, empathy, and selflessness, reminding us of the importance of compassion. Their achievements and contributions to society offer a roadmap for success and change. In their presence or when reading about them, we find the courage to dream bigger and become better versions of ourselves. There may be many people who inspire us in different ways, as they each have a range of qualities which we want to emulate. When we aspire to be like someone who inspires us, we are more motivated and use that energy to strive towards our goals.

We asked: Who is someone who inspires you, and why? Share a picture of someone you admire.

WINNER: Adj Prof Karen Price
Prize - $200 Prezzee voucher
Entry: Many patients generously give of their wisdom.
Those people who aspire to do and to be good
And who know how hard it is to determine that
They peacefully and curiously explore that process.
In all sorts of quietly noble ways.
I’ve learned so much from their strength.


Holidays offer a crucial respite from the demands of daily life, nurturing overall wellbeing. They provide a chance for us to unwind, de-stress, and recharge, reducing anxiety and burnout. Holidays foster precious moments with loved ones, strengthening social connections. Travel experiences broaden horizons and cultivate cultural understanding. Taking a break also improves physical health by promoting relaxation and reducing the risk of health issues related to chronic stress. Holidays may involve physical exercise which enhances our physical and mental health. Ultimately, holidays rejuvenate the body and mind, enhancing overall happiness and life satisfaction.

We asked: Where is your favourite holiday destination, and why? Post a picture of your favourite holiday spot.

WINNER: Dr Nisha Khot
Prize - $200 Prezzee voucher 
Entry: Great Ocean road has a special place for me:

Love every spot along the Great Ocean Road. As soon as I hit the GOR, I am filled with a deep sense of peace, a light carefree state of mind #MonthOfMindfulness 



Spending time with animals has been shown to have many benefits to our mental wellbeing and physical health. Pets can provide companionship, an opportunity for exercise and play, an icebreaker for social interactions and can help us to relax.

We asked: How does your pet enhance your life? Share a photo of your pet.

WINNER: Dr Rebecca Taylor
Prize - $200 Prezzee voucher 
Entry: This is my gorgeous Astrid. During my recent leave with burnout she kept me grounded, helped me connect with nature on long daily walks and gave me unconditional love and support helping me remember the simple things are the best things. #MonthOfMindfulness

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