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‘The Doctors’ Room’ is an exclusive ‘member only’ podcast produced by AMA Victoria with doctors for doctors. We discuss the issues AMA Victoria members want to hear about. Ranging from internship to retirement, we gather insights from experienced doctors and explore issues that are topical and empowering for listeners. An exciting new chapter in the way AMA Victoria connects and serves its members. 

The podcast includes:

Inside internship 

Intern rotations just got easier with tips from senior doctors and advanced trainees to help you thrive. Eight episodes created especially for interns with special guest host AMA Victoria’s Career Management and Professional Development Director, Mardi O’Keefe. Topics include:

  • 'Inside intership' with Dr Sarah Whitelaw, senior emergency department physician at Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  • Thrive during your medical rotation with rehabilitation physician, Dr Louisa Ng.
  • Thrive during your regional emergency department rotation with Emergency Department Director, Dr Simon Judkins.
  • Thrive during your general medicine rotation with general medicine advanced trainee, Dr Rajesh Gounder.
  • Thrive during your general surgery rotation with general surgeon, Dr Jasmina Kevric.
  • Thrive during your general surgery rotation with general surgeon, Dr Suellyn Centauri.

Enterprise agreement explainers:

Do you know your new workplace rights? Enterprise Agreement Explainers demystify the new enterprise agreement for doctors-in-training. Across three episodes, doctors-in-training, Dr Lucy Crook and Dr Thomas Selito, take you through your new workplace rights and conditions with AMA Victoria’s Director of Workplace Relations, Grant Forsyth, covering topics such as backpay, unrostered overtime, rosters, remote work, leave and flexible working arrangements.

Salary packaging:

As you start your internship, salary packaging will literally save you thousands of dollars every year. So, how does it work? Finance experts, Mitch McKeown and Matthew Homewood from AMA Victoria’s major preferred partner, The Bongiorno Group take us through what salary packaging is, why you need it and how to set it up.

International Women's Day:

In a special International Women’s Day edition of ‘The Doctors’ Room’, we look at gender socialisation and how it can act as an unnecessary obstacle for reaching goals.

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