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Tip 1 - If you haven’t already, complete our 9-step approach to successfully navigate the intern match process so that you know what offer round and eligibility category you will be in, and what your preferred health services are.

Tip 2 – Having identified your preferred health services, know what they require from you:

  • Go to their information sessions
  • Explore their career portals
  • Download role descriptions and intern information factsheets & resources
  • Talk to people who work there about what it is like
  • Contact them if you have questions

Tip 3 - Be clear on your professional brand and unique selling point.  How will you communicate this in your resume, cover letters, interviews, and online written answers?

Tip 4 – Complete your resume (word document format) and begin the process of loading this content into the online resume form on the PMCV APS website.

Tip 5 – Finalise your nominated referees and make sure they know you have nominated them!

Tip 6 – Map the work to be done and break it into actionable chunks.

Tip 7 - Create a plan and chip away at it.  Don’t rush, check and re-check. Build some redundancy into the plan.

Tip 8 – Ask for help if needed and use all the relevant resources available – AMA Victoria, MSCV, PMCV, health service information sessions.

Tip 9 – Finalise your preference list.

Tip 10 – Prioritise self-care: Get some exercise, catch up with friends, shout yourself out for a meal…whatever makes you feel good.

For further support, resources or to schedule individual support, please go to our 'Support for Final Year Students' page.