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Many doctors struggle to retire well. The reasons for this are often complex but issues of identity, deep immersion in a professional role, and a later retirement age are common. 

Because of this, AMA Victoria has designed 3 programs to help doctors identify their goals, gain personal insight and establish a new balance after retirement. We use a combination of individual coaching, reflective practice and diagnostic tools. A central theme of retirement coaching is that the individual is in charge of their own decisions and development. The coach is there to facilitate the process through structured questioning, reflection, encouragement and motivation. The coach supports the doctor to accept accountability and find their own solution.

These programs can take place in-person, via webinar or over the phone.

Which doctors would benefit from these programs?

Program details and booking

Retirement ‘health check’ - are you retirement ready?

Book retirement health check (AMA members)   

$205 + GST

Book retirement health check (non-members)

$615 + GST

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3-month program 
Detailed program including strength assessment

Book 3-month program (AMA members)  

$540 + GST

Book 3-month program (non-members)

$1,565 + GST

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6 -12 month program
Comprehensive program including strength & personality assessments

Book 6-12 month program (AMA members)

$1,260 + GST

Book 6-12 month program (non-member)

$3215 + GST

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