AMA Victoria

Kennedys healthcare team advises doctors in public and private practice on the full range of clinical, commercial, employment and health law issues. Their long track record in the industry gives unique insight into healthcare law that considers every nuance and perspective. Kennedys is committed to playing an active and constructive role in the development of policy on behalf of their clients and the wider healthcare industry.

Members of Kennedys have long standing relationships with AMAV and its members. Priding themselves on their technical expertise and specialised experience, Kennedys closely works with doctors on every day matters through to the most sensitive and complex issues.

As AMAV’s preferred legal services Partner, Kennedys offers members a range of legal services with advice and support from their experienced team and reduced hourly rates exclusively for AMAV members.

Their full range of services includes:

- Commercial agreements and disputes

- Employment law and workplace matters

- Drafting and implementing policies and procedures

- Privacy, data protection and cyber risk

- Property issues and financial loss

- College appeals

- Civil and criminal matters

- Coronial inquests and investigations

- Malpractice and clinical negligence claims

- Medicare investigations and Presentence Investigation Report prosecutions

- Professional conduct and disciplinary issues

- Disciplinary proceedings

- Implementation of health sector legislation

- Insolvency and transactional risk

- Governance and risk management

- Defamation and reputational risk