Leadership Insights

How to lead burnt out teams

AMA Victoria’s Leadership development consultant and coach, Dr Anna Clark provides tips for leaders on how to manage burnt out teams.

Looking after your team in high-pressure environments

Things are tough right now and leaders and team members need looking after. Now is not a time to strive to be the best or to focus on some ‘extra’ work you’re interested in. The focus should be on making the best of an incredibly difficult time, and to come through it together. So, what can leaders do?

#353 Leadership insight: Listening for understanding and connecting

Professional conversations are great tools for leaders to check-in, get a good sense of what is happening in their team and be able to share insights and offer support. While the topic of conversations and communication tend to make us think about speaking, listening is at least half of the communication equation.

#340 Leadership insight: Adapting as a core leadership skill

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced upon us a long period of time working under conditions of high stress, anxiety and uncertainty. We are all increasingly aware of the huge toll adapting is taking on our health and wellbeing – in ourselves, our families and communities. So what can we be doing to alleviate some of this pressure? How can we prevent burnout, exhaustion and uncertainty fatigue?