Leadership Insights

Leadership insight #10 / 2022: Trust: How to build more trust at work

In leadership, trust is one of the core building blocks upon which good relationships are built. Trust enables effective collaboration and cooperation that are so essential for providing complex care over time. Trust is foundational leadership capital.

Leadership insight #9 – 2022: Friendships at work: why they matter

Many doctors we are speaking with now are referencing how much they are missing friends at work. They miss seeing and spending time with colleagues and they miss the opportunities to transition these collegial relationships into friendships. These relationships are sustaining. This is what ‘engagement,’ well-being and connectedness is.

Leadership Insight #5 – 2022: Leading exhausted teams

Taking leadership is about being clear on our role and purpose, about containing and organising collaborative work, and containing anxiety so people don’t get overwhelmed. AMAV Leadership development consultant, coach and educator Dr Anna Clark (PhD) provides some small, everyday actions, that can help you lead exhausted teams.

Leadership Insight #3 – 2022: The role of controlled processing and intentional behaviour in combatting unconscious bias

This year's theme for International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias”. In AMA Victoria's leadership and professional coaching work, we talk with many women – and men – for whom gender bias is very real. In this Leadership Insight, we focus our attention on the issue and detail some practical steps that we can all take to break the cycle of stereotype-based bias and discrimination.

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